Training Sucks

Ok training doesn’t suck, but many people think it does. Why? Because their mindset is in a debit mentality not a depositing one. Two weeks ago I started training for the I-35 challenge. I will pack two 1/2 marathons in one weekend tackling the Kansas City 1/2 on Saturday and the Des Moines 1/2 on Sunday. I am already a runner in relatively decent running shape, so why would I need to train for the challenge?

Sure, I could just keep doing my normal running routine with the hope of completing both races. However, I am swallowing my pride and choosing to learn from someone who has trained thousands to complete races and run without injuries. My first training run got me thinking why do people have such a visceral reaction to training?

“There will be training tomorrow”, if you listen closely you can hear the moans and groans when these words are uttered. Not all trainings will be productive for everyone, but everyone can be productive in a training. Do you recoil when you have to attend a training or conference? I have had that reaction before and I am not proud of it. There is too much to do already and attending a training/conference will only put me further behind, causing a debit to my wellness bank account. However, when I look at it differently the knowledge and collaborative approach to training is a deposit that should at a minimum offset the time debit. So I had to change my mindset about what is being subtracted and look at what is being added.

People shut down and think they are experts. I witness the deflation in people when we talk about building a collaborative plan to get you where you want to be. You can see their energy change thinking “I have tried EVERYTHING, this WON’T WORK”. First, if you have tried everything we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Second we all need to be open to growing by learning. Seeking help to improve yourself creates additional strength in your wellness investment accounts. Think about training, conferences or coaching as a diversification of your investment strategy for your wellness bank account. When you diversify you allow yourself the opportunities to ride out wellness downturns. This won’t preclude you from hardships or pain, but imagine having an additional tool to manage stress, anxiety, grief or the like. It could help mitigate the debits to your wellness bank account.

In closing instead of thinking training or coaching sucks, maybe think about how you can learn and deposit to your wellness account. Think about how you can start to build up a reserve of currency to draw on when you need it most. Think about how great that will be instead of living paycheck to paycheck on your wellness budget. The time to start to live a Joyency life starts now.

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