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I am thrilled to be a guest columnist for Joyency. In this climate of quick to judge with polarizing opinions
21,787 opportunities to quit. Today I had 21,787 reasons to quit the Omaha 1/2 marathon. I tossed and turned all
Don’t worry everything works out for a reason. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Just smile, don’t
This week I got asked, can you do the same price for your backyard bones as I saw at a
I used to try and push the terror away. "Don't worry, everything will be ok" I would repeat this phrase,
I can appreciate formulating career coaches and working to place individuals with needs, but I need to ask how are
Who has two thumbs and is the worst parent ever? This guy, the one writing this post and recording a
These last few weeks have shown me now more than ever our families need people with needles not words. We
Recently our family welcomed two new furry family members, Archer and Lucy. After the first few nights, weeks and now
Friends with children, high-school, elementary school, private, public it doesn’t matter teach them to be kind. Making fun of others,