Candy Cane Tailgating/Camping Dominoes

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Who likes to throw bones? These tailgating dominoes will bring the fun to your tailgate! Our O’s are drilled and painted by hand providing a handcrafted look.

Heck they’re so good you might be tempted to take credit for making them. An example would be where you take a pie or casserole and switch the dish so it looks like you made it. We don’t judge, but the crafting gods might.

Please note they don’t like beer set on them they are not coasters, don’t be that person. Additionally, you shouldn't leave them in wet, damp or bad weather conditions. I know it goes without saying, but um these are wood products.

  • Made from premium pine
  • Size approximately 3 1/2”x6”
  • This set is red body with a white pip(dot) color. All pips will be the same color.
  • Set of double sixes (28 dominoes)
  • Game play instructions
  • Carrying bag - color and style may vary from photo

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