Puzzle Piece 6

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Y'all we partnered with our friends at Jak Sprat for these limited fun earrings. We will donate $2.00 per pair sold to a nonprofit that helps individuals with autism find employment.
A bit about Jak Sprat
Let me introduce myself: I’m Jodi Ann Krikke. <--- That’s where the “JAK” comes from. Sprat comes from the old nursery rhyme “Jack Sprat”- in case you’re not familiar.
JAK Sprat started about 6 years ago with magnets and magnet boards. I’ve been crafty my whole life- I got it from my momma- so when she said “you should sell these” after making one for my cousin’s wedding, I said “OK!”. So for 5 years I did JAK Sprat as a hobby with magnet boards and magnets.
You can find more awesome stuff from Jak Sprat on her Facebook page @Jak Sprat!

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