West Coast Iowa Interview
Our Story
I love being outside and love our family. We have three great kids and live in America’s heartland, Iowa. Honestly, I had no intention of starting a tailgating line as part of Joyency. I enjoy coaching and speaking about our journey with autism and how to improve mindset, wellness, and outcomes and that is what I was doing.
However, time after time I received a nudge in my heart that it was time to look at ways to help our son Noah who is an adult with autism. After trying to push the thoughts away I realized it was our time to start to build something that shares our mission of empowering people through coaching, activity, and recreation. And shazam tailgating/camping games arrived. We have also added tee shirts and soon will have growlers and other fun stuff.
What We Believe
Empowering people through coaching, activity, and recreation.
Source or manufacture quality products and when possible purchase from a supplier network of companies that are owned, or hire people with autism. Successfully hire people with autism when possible for meaningful employment at Joyency LLC.
We believe that all people have purpose. That if we have the courage to live, work, and love boldly our company can impact the world in a remarkable way.

Meet the Team

We are a team of two and like all mom and pop startups we are putting everything we got back into the business. We welcome your orders and hope that you love what we are doing! If you don’t like sarcasm, tailgating/camping or positivity we are probably not the right fit for you. Don’t worry it’s not us, it’s you.

Josh Cobbs, CEO

Noah, Chief Dude of Awesomeness