Bag On Friends Bag On!!

As you can tell my shop needs a bit of a sweep, but the first set of boards are done. I will be taking orders soon for the boards. The goal is to sell around 15 board sets initially (first month or so) and ramp up from there. More details to come I need to tidy up on shipping and a few other things, but pretty darn proud of this one. I am not sure what Noah’s part will be on this game. I am thinking we will have a Noah color selection of the month or he can help affix labels for shipping etc.

I also have to figure out the bags situation right now we don’t manufacture our own canvas duck bags, but long term if things progress right we will need to figure that part out and hopefully that will provide some work for more individuals. Right now we are getting the processes and systems down for the games.

Again I love that Noah can play all the games we are making, now if he likes to spend time with dad is another question.

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