Give Thanks For Your Journey

Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving, but I think we should also give thanks for our journey. There will be food, family and fun! There will also be anxiety about travel, meltdowns, food selectivity, and “fun” for autism parents. Our shared journey is not one that prevents pain or joy, but one that allows us to have empathy for one another. To all my warrior parents breathe and remember you are doing the best you can in this very moment.

I know I ask these questions often will my son make it through they day? What happens if he elopes, breaks something has a behavior etc.? Here are a few things I have found helpful.

  1. Pack your child’s favorite things. You don’t have to justify why he might be rocking a Blue’s Clues Notebook at 18 (yes our guy does). Your job is to have your family nucleus happy-ish for the day. Whatever your child likes bring – tablet, movies, notebooks, etc. OH – and bring any medication(s) you may need. We have forgotten before and it isn’t awesome.

  2. Have an exit strategy. If you need to leave early or drive separately don’t second guess yourself. You know your family best. Again, you don’t have to justify your exit. Your friends and family will/should understand!

  3. Don’t compare your experiences with social media experiences. Those photos are awesome and I am super happy for those families. However, I also think the Grisswold’s had a great vacation. Memories are made from living your story not wishing for a perfect photo.

  4. Let your forgiveness sparkle. Forgive yourself if things don’t go according to plan. You are doing the best you can in this moment. Warrior on friends!!

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