Lack of Healthcare Access Can Look Different

There are many ways to deny coverage while saying you have coverage. Often this is done with low reimbursement rates lack of credentialing and the like. I ask people on both sides of the political aisle look at how to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Providing for them doesn’t take from others, it enhances our society, compassion and shared mission. Believe me there are families who would much prefer to not have life long illness or large scale trauma. I beg you as citizens to quit being a democrat or republican and start to be a collaborative. Yes, I know we come at things from a different perspective, but what can we as citizens agree upon, start there. Collaborating doesn’t mean your a sellout, RHINO or whatever label people want to place on you. It means you are human and looking for the best path for people. We can be fiscally responsible and compassionate they are not mutually exclusive. We could save money on long term care by paying more for staff slowing turnover and building highly trained staff. Additionally we could reduce costs by adequately funding adult caregiver services reducing cost for ICFMR’s paying an adult caregiver 60k per year versus hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we don’t think of it that way. What about Medicaid portability allowing individuals to move states without starting back on a waiting list, these problems are not impossible, it is that we have for far too long been divided into groups that prevent progress. Today stand up and drop as a human and work with someone you disagree with, it will move us forward. 

It is our responsibility as humans to care for those who can’t, this isn’t the same of those who won’t. Open your heart and your mind on both sides.

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