Quit Cheating

Can we all agree that we should stop saying I “cheated” when it comes to living a well filled life? Any combination of: this is my cheat day or I shouldn’t have this because it is not on my diet all debit your wellness bank account. Exactly who the hell are you cheating on? You don’t need permission to eat. If you are worried about people judging what foods you eat, please stop. I have eaten very healthy foods that people wrinkled their noses at, so good, bad or indifferent people may judge. Don’t allow their values to guide your worth. Seriously calling not sticking to your, a cheat day is possibly one of the stupidest things I have ever heard and is a phrase I have uttered myself. When you say, you cheated it implies that you did something wrong. It provides an opportunity to tear yourself down allowing withdrawals from your wellness bank account.

Merriam-Webster defines cheating as:

to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at something

to take something from (someone) by lying or breaking a rule

to prevent (someone) from having something that he or she deserves or was expecting to get

Would you ever say I cheated on my marriage or partnership if you forgot to take out the trash or fold laundry? I sure hope not, so why would you say it about your diet?

Let’s look at the definition as outlined above. First, have you broken a rule to gain an advantage? So, if you cheated on broccoli with a donut what advantage did you gain? None, in fact you have debited your wellness account by assigning a negative value to the donut. Then you compound the interest on your wellness loan by adding guilt, justification, secrecy and blame to the donut expenditure.

Next, did you take something from someone by lying or breaking a rule? This is why I am not a fan of diets they can create an shroud of guilt. I prefer moderation and education about healthy foods and exercise. When you try to restrict yourself from eating a piece of cake you are more likely to hide eating the cake. Once you think you are cheating your account is being debited.

Finally, the last definition makes sense only if you feel you are deserving of a well filled life. If you believe you are deserving, then quit trying to tear yourself down by using words that are hard to forgive yourself for. I shouldn’t have this, I cheated, etc. You are deserving of a full wellness bank account, I believe it…do you? It is hard to deposit to your wellness account if you see yourself as a cheater.

When you consistently tell, yourself you are taking from someone, breaking rules, or preventing someone from having something they are deserving of, that person you are harming is you. What I would offer as a point of help and movement is to look at a well filled life not as a number on a scale or an end point, but rather a journey. Realize your words can impact how your look at the world and yourself. Your words also help provide a blueprint on how you allow others to treat you. It is not impossible to forgive a cheater, but it is challenging if you look in the mirror every day at the “cheater”. You should enjoy food and use moderation to guide your life. As always you should consult with your physician or dietician when starting or changing your diet. The views and opinions on this site are not to be substitutions for medical, financial or other professional advice. You should always seek out professional advice specific to your situation.

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