Ugh, here goes everyone lighting up blue.

First, don’t compare suffering or in this case months, next it is not a publicity stunt. Our son along with thousands of others are desperately in need of understanding, acceptance, housing, vocation, and other resources. These needs are not mutually exclusive and often are interwoven. Unfortunately, at times too many get hung up on this organization or that organization. Fighting each other rather than fighting for change. I don’t hide the fact that for our son I want advancements in medical care, treatments, and hope. This weekend he shattered a window with his head or hand and pulled some of his hair out. So, yes, I want a cure for the incredible pain he must be feeling. I also want advancements in housing that is inclusive of his needs, not the ones that well-meaning people ascribe to him. Full inclusion while a beautiful goal, might not be what he wants. Additionally, why do we require him to have a roommate if he goes into supported community living? Why can’t he have his own space? Because we fund our most vulnerable at a rate that is woefully under what is required to care for their complex needs. I don’t want to hear about how we have many things to fund, no we have a disparity of priorities for our funding allocations. If we say we value those who need more support individuals with autism, veterans, the elderly we should resource those needs as a priority. If we say we are a compassionate people we need to resource our compassion and that comes with understanding, finances, and varying opportunities that fit the individual.

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