We are overdue for compassion

Friends with children, high-school, elementary school, private, public it doesn’t matter teach them to be kind. Making fun of others, bullying doesn’t help. If you are in a role as a teacher or parent and you say rude comments about a coworkers, other parents, or the clothes or car people drive – children are watching. We have children hurting and no they are not SNOWFLAKES they are young minds trying to figure out their place in the world. Yes, there have always been bullies, but why is that a thing? FYI, I am not perfect, I have reacted in anger, said things I surely regret.

Friends without children read above it applies to you as well. If we want more we have to be more. I have seen enough bullying behavior, hurtful comments and overall jerkiness to last a lifetime. School Districts no more passive lip-service to ending bullying real action needs to happen.

Adults when you cut yourself down remember children are watching. When you say mean things about yourself either out loud or quietly it is hard to spread joy. Forgive yourself and realize that you are probably doing the best you can. You have worth because you are worthy.

We say that we want our children to be kind, but we don’t model it, we say we want our children to be polite, but we don’t model it. Please for the love of all of us model love, model compassion – be forgiving. We have a responsibility to be more for one another.

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