What about being happy has you so sad?

Don’t worry everything works out for a reason. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Just smile, don’t think about it or don’t give a frick about the things you can’t change. “Thank you for the quick tools to stop my mind from trying to cannibalize itself from the inside out. I haven’t tried any of those before”, I think to myself. This article goes out to my fellow happy peeps, you know the people who are stupidly full of energy, laughter, and optimism. We have heard it all before and it usually comes from a place of love. I want y’all to know sometimes happy people feel the suck of life and get blue. We aren’t broken but may feel that way in the monsoon or rain. When you want to make, others laugh and feel the greatness of life sometimes it causes you to push the blue away or minimize it. That is the craptastic part about being an optimist, we are even optimistic about the blues.

However, sometimes we just need you to listen and not offer anything other than an ear. I need to work on this myself because so often I want to “fix” things no matter what it is, but the truth is “fixing” isn’t always helping. So how do we help? Glad, you asked, I know I said don’t offer advice but this is my blog so here we go.

  1. You should offer yourself the same forgiveness and compassion you so freely give to others.
  2. Understand that your brain can totally jack with you. I believe it is that part of ancient times we afraid of everything killing us. I often will jump to the worst thing possible when my anxiety is high. Anyone? Anyone?
  3. Sometimes life is hard and will bring you to your knees. It’s ok while you’re down there to rest and say a prayer. You will need to battle another day.
  4. Insta life isn’t real life. People struggle and if you live a life where you are constantly comparing you will be constantly wanting. If you need help, seek it. When we have a fever, we take medicine, broken leg medicine, but if you have anxiety or stress we think we can be or own healers. If you need help seek it, yes, I know I said that earlier but seek out those who can help.
  5. Eating right and getting some type of exercise should help balance out the force within you.
  6. Listen without judging or advice. I am retraining myself on this to say, “how can I best help” or “would you like advice”. Here is the deal we have already judged ourselves harshly so we don’t need the extra layer of “that is a silly thing to worry about or don’t worry it will all work out”. Saying don’t worry has never helped me not worry. What helps is an empathetic ear often just saying the words out loud eases my anxiety and feeling of impending doom.

We are all just trying to do the best we can while walking on the blue marble. We need more kindness, compassion, and warmth and we need it for ourselves. I am generally a happy person, but when I get blue it really feels odd inside of my body. I feel drained and at war internally, I want to force a smile and humor out but I can’t. It generates feelings of insecurity, loneliness and overall sucking at life. To my internal optimists, if your sunshine is covered by a cloud right now I feel you. Remember it is natural for happy people to feel the blue of life. Part of living is feeling all the emotions, that is what we talk about at Team Joyency. Sometimes the unicorns are covered by mud and sometimes the mud is the unicorn. Lots of love friends!

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