Who Has Two Thumbs and Is The Worst?

Who has two thumbs and is the worst parent ever? This guy, the one writing this post and recording a podcast right now. Do you ever think about that as a parent – as a human in charge of making sure no harm comes to those under your care? I would like to say that as a father I have all my stuff together, but guess what I don’t.
Our house is messy just like life, clothes get put away and bills get paid, but sometimes that might be it. This episode is geared towards the father’s out there and those who love us. To the extraordinary mothers who need to understand you are doing remarkable things for your families. Often we think that our “job” is to keep everything together and people free from harm and we do so at the expense of learning some lessons about forgiveness, failure and joy. I think about this sometimes in the emptiness of a quite moment and sometimes when the shit (literally might be hitting the fan)Sometimes our lives don’t match up to what we think they should be and that causes us to let the movie of our life to become one that repeats I suck at this dad/mom/husband or whatever other stuff you think you suck at. Here is the dirty little secret you might very well suck in one moment, but I am sure you aren’t terrible in every moment of everyday. There are a few seconds of a few days I would like to have back because of the sucktastic moments that happened. Those moments don’t define my whole parenting career. Kids will be late from time to time, hair will look afoul and that is just how it should be imperfectly perfect IMO.We maximize the terrible and minimize the great. And honestly sometimes the great in our house is that nothing is broken, no one is having a meltdown and that my wife and I got two solid hours of sleep. So on this episode I hope that you find some humor and realize you have 86,400 seconds to make a new parenting moment.

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