Why you should have a life list and not a bucket list.

I like many of you, spend time thinking about what I will do on my “bucket list”. How I would spend more time with those who I care about most, the projects I would tackle, etc. What a bunch of crap. Why are we saving our lives for our death? Shift your mindset. I started to look at how I can create a life list, not a bucket list. I will share my list at the end of this post, but first let me talk about why we should shift our mindset to live in the present. So many times grief, stress, negative thoughts and the daily grind beat our down our spirit. We give up and then all of the sudden, we are kicked in the a@$ and suddenly we decide to do something we have always wanted to do.

It is true that often a life-changing event causes us to change our lives, duh! Certainly a loss of a job, death of loved one, a breakup, health issues, and all the other “biggies” that come to mind when we talk about life changing events.Let me drop some knowledge on you, we do not have to wait for a life-changing event to change our lives. The truth is that our inner critic tells us, you are not smart enough, pretty enough to be successful or you should not enjoy life until the “golden years”. What if your golden years never come? What are you waiting for?

Again, this is rubbish, I am not advocating anyone quit his or her job to backpack across Europe. So if you can; and you can start to make your life list right now. What will you do today to take a step towards your life list?

How many items can be on your list; as many as you want. Mine will keep evolving over time and accomplishments, the only two rules for me are (1) make life list; (2) start to cross things off your list. We are NOT meant to stay safely tucked in our comfort zone.


1. Run a marathon or 1/2 marathon in all 50 states. I currently have knocked out SD and NE twice. Clearly, I need to broaden my locations!
2. Continue to work on getting a medical facility fully funded for people with ASD. That way no family goes without care because of an inability to pay.
3. Take my wife on a vacation anywhere she wants to go.
4. See my kids continue to grow and contribute to the world.
5. Hike the Rockies.
6. Hike the Grand Canyon.
7. Do a standup comedy set.
8. Learn to play the guitar.
9. Take an Alaskan cruise – I hate to be surrounded by that much water for that long, but have always wanted to see Alaska this way.
10. Laugh – This is always on my life list.
11. Take a road trip on Route 66

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