Are you Prepared or Scared?

Are you Prepared or Scared?

Have you ever been frozen by over-preparation? I know that sounds crazy - Josh, how can I be over-prepared? Whether you are a parent, business owner, or one of my entrepreneur friends, you have probably found yourself saying I am not ready. I need to get more data, one more certification, run the numbers, and visit that school again - I have been there.

It is easy to get caught up in analysis-paralysis in this phase; you are using the process of analyzing, not making a decision. You are scared and not prepared to

  1. Do I have the best possible information to make a reasonable decision? If so, why have you yet to make a decision?
  2. Does the decision align with my values?
  3. Does the decision move me closer to my goal or goals?

Ensure you are prepared for your decision but don't fear making them. This has been your Friday Fill-up on Postcards From The Run.

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