World Autism Month -Update from three years ago

World Autism Month -Update from three years ago

April 4, 2018 

I added to this blog post from three years ago.

April 4, 2018
First, don't compare suffering or, in this case, months; next, it is not a publicity stunt. Inclusive means seeing cool peeps like Noah exist; they have autism and need support. Our family deserves to advocate for his needs; we know him best, period.

As he has entered adulthood, we have seen that society views him as different as an adult. He has choices; if they are choices, they say he should have. However, I respectfully ask folks to slow down planning his life without knowing him. I mean really know him.

A few questions. 

1. Why does he need to have roommates if he goes into supported community living?


2. Why can't he have his own space (home) and go to McDonald's on Saturday?

Because we fund our most vulnerable at a rate that is woefully under what is required to care for their complex needs. This could mean having three or four people to two staff. I don't want to hear about how we have many things to fund; no, we have a disparity of priorities for our funding allocations. If we say we value those who need more support, individuals with autism, veterans, and the elderly, we should prioritize those needs. If we say we are compassionate people, we need to resource our compassion, which comes with understanding, finances, and varying opportunities that fit the individual needs of Noah and others. So as we kick off this important month, I hope everyone remembers that inclusive means that Noah get's real choice, and yes that choice is guided by his team, and that means we are going to choose things to keep him happy, healthy, and above all safe. 

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