Why are your handcrafted products more expensive?

Why are your handcrafted products more expensive?

This week I got asked, can you do the same price for your backyard bones I saw at a local store. The price was 19.99 on sale. The short answer is NO. However, there are more subtleties involved that people should seek to understand.

HANDCRAFTED products. This holds true for great food, beer, jewelry, yard games, or anything handcrafted. 

We are a different kind of company. "I get" it; all businesses say they are different, but we mean it. The model we are building is first a model that needs to produce a profitable/sustainable business by providing premium products with a purpose. Next is our social commitment to building a company that offers a place for people of all abilities. We are part of a new wave of businesses providing work for people passed over in the past. Some of these businesses are nonprofit; some are for-profit, but all are needed.

I want you to know that when you purchase from us, you support a company and model that supports a few things. First is a business that makes premium products, and next is a business working to create a support system for people who have been left out of the labor market in the past. This includes revamping shipping processes and making it workable for people at varying levels; our big goal is to make a space that allows our son to work and hang in a safe environment during the day when not working. This means we need to build support for him and others. Taking into account safety, productivity, and, most of all, happiness. Yes, I said it. I want team Joyency to be happy. I know such rubbish, but why would we want people to hang with us who aren't jacked to be there? Next, when possible, we source our products from companies that are also hiring people who have been left out of the workforce. As an example, our shirts are produced by a company where 75% of their workforce are people with autism. We believe that all people have a purpose, but we not only believe it, but we also want to value it!

Our products are customized to the customer's needs, making them unique. Even if the customer orders one of the few quick-ship styles', we still age and paint them as individual orders making them unique to that order. We use quality materials for our boards; we use 3/4″birch for our cornhole boards with pocket screws and glued connector points, with multiple coats of sealant; all of this takes time. We do this because we love what we do and want to provide a high-quality product. 

When comparing handcrafted goods with mass-produced goods, you are comparing apples and oranges. While they are both fruits, they are not the same. Neither good nor bad, just different. We want people who love our products and values and understand what we are building. 

I often say you don't know if you don't ask, so I don't mind the question, but it is important to point out some quick differences. Businesses take great care to price their products; they do this to sustain themselves, provide growth, and for a myriad of other reasons. We would love for you to purchase, use and share our products. If you want to support us, please

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