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Huge Waving Flag

Huge Waving Flag

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I understand this order will take between 4-6 weeks to be built and arrive.

We know you have many options for buying wooden flags, and we appreciate you buying from us. We craft the stars by hand to give a unique look to each one of those beauties! We use a carving wheel to give that waving action to our flags. The finished pattern is rustic and different on each flag, so you have something that is just for you. Our flags are sealed for interior use. You can have them made for outdoor use; select that option at checkout. Flag size approximately 32 1/2 "x61 3/4”

Make sure to select inside or outside. We use different sealants. Also, please note that while sealed for outside conditions constant exposure to harsh elements will denigrate the flag over time.

What's included:

1 An American flag with hanging cable on the back.
2. Unbridled passion for red, white, and blue!
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